Shin X India, Gurgaon

About Us

ShinX India continuously strives towards expanding learning curve of children by creating personalized learning experience. We curate hand crafted learning methods by assessing the child’s inbound talents. Intellectual and behavioural strengths preferred learning styles, current academic performance to make the learning experience more meaningful and wholesome.

We create fun interactive content and a specially customized toolbox that comes along a real-time analytics to measure outcomes and blends the offline and online learning experience through games and fun activities.

ShinXIndia came into existence to answer the growing need for an adaptive approach in educating children. We aim to bring a revolution that could change the conventional way of teaching methods. Not all children are same neither they can learn the same way.

ShinXIndia thrives the ways to make the children’s overall developed material, not just limiting them to bookish knowledge. We go far more ahead than what a book can provide turning the young minds into the multi-dimensional approach makers.

  • Performing right approach to identify the right target audience based on the sales strategy of the organization
  • Continuous efforts to increase the number of leads data with better accuracy

Experience and qualification:

  • 0-3 years in Business development in credit card, timeshare and insurance industry
  • PUC/Graduate

The right fit:

  • Enthusiastic personality takes targets as opportunity
  • Person always ready to be on field
  • With positive attitude and pleasant personality
  • Decent communication skills