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Talent Nurturing

Talent Nurturing

Talent needs an appropriate environment to develop during the formative years of your child. Every kid is unique, and we need to observe them closely in order to find out their interests. Then, they need a platform where they can shape their talent properly. Absence of an appropriate environment suppresses the chances of a skill to flourish, after which it is difficult to develop it to its full potential. We must understand the need of working on the child’s strength area by creating an appropriate environment to focus on things they want to do.
Talent can appear in any form, but may need drawing out in order to shine and this is the Shinx way of “talent nurturing”:

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We all know that exploration helps us to innovate. Innovation is all about recognizing an existing process to enhance our experiences. In this stage we gage the child’s innate ability with astonishing accuracy to give him a new way of enjoying their developmental journey.

Awareness stage is about helping the child to get a sense of the experiential side of the explored ability. ShinxIndia helps the child to get exposure in the explored ability to create interest and enhance clarity about the domain.

Here the Shinx way is about evaluating interest of the child in the explored domain. Here is the stage we do a mapping of talent and interest to make the learning experience more meaningful.

This is the most fascinating stage of the talent nurturing journey for the child as in this stage the child get to learn skills where he is really good at. This stage helps the child to improve his self-esteem and happiness quotient substantially.

Mind Development

Mind Capability Enhancement

Our education system helps us to create a well-filled mind however what we need to be ahead of the curve is a well-formed mind. A well-formed mind helps us to comprehend better, analyses better and implement better. The Shinx way of improving capability of our mind is through improving child’s cognitive ability, happiness quotient, positive thinking and consciousness.

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In our current academic system we learn to read, write and comprehend and this we have been doing since centuries. During the process we have been neglecting the 4th dimension of our studies which is memorizing. Are you wondering whether any of your teacher taught best possible methods to memorize your studies? It gets extremely handy to learn some of the powerful memory tools for every student to be ahead of the curve and Shinx is known for its revolutionary memory training.

Being the parents have you thought of ways to improve your child’s concentration? ShinxIndia has the perfect solution for you. Our powerful concentration enhancement modules help your child to get rid of all kind of focus disorders which substantially improves productivity.

Happiness and positivity makes a huge difference to your child’s wellbeing. Using our self-empowering tools let your child start every day with fresh and positive feeling. Because we always believe that happiness should never “out of reach”.

“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage and right attitude to pursue them” Can you imagine this thought has been inculcated inside us from our formative years of growth? This is a real breakthrough by Shinx which make it possible to develop a success mindset inside the child.

Pro-Active Parenting

Pro-Active Parenting

A progressive parenting is more important than a quality school behind success of a child. The role of parents cannot be ignored when it comes to shaping-out moral values, discipline, essential social skills and other behavioral aspects of the child. Great parents always make sure that their child inculcates values of integrity, self-awareness, and respect and goal orientation.
The Shinx way of parenting always believes in creating “great parents”, as we all know great parents are made not born. Here we help the parent’s to raise independent, happy, and healthy children. As a result they learn right values and right values leads to creating a “future-fit” individual.

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Positivity is the basis of all successful relationships. Imagine we raise a child with positive mindset for every aspect towards his life by mastering this powerful skill with the help of our parenting experts.

Habits can be the real game changer to make or break someone’s life. Installing success habits is always a healthy practice as parents with growth mindset. We are very sure that installing one success habit can help our child reaching stars.

Human-being is a social animal and hence strong emotional skills are some paramount to make the child’s social life more meaningful. We help you inculcate right emotional values in your child so as to create a healthy relation with the parents and the entire surroundings.

Without appropriate values every home is like a house without a strong foundation. Our parenting experts help you to figure out most appropriate values based on your mindset to make your parenting journey really fascinating.

Life Skills

Life Skills

As parents have you ever wondered about your children’s ability to deal with real-life problems or their social behavior which make them ahead of the curve? Should we call these survival skills? Looking at the upcoming socio-economic changes every child must possess the skills which make them an independent and social to mark their impact.
At Shinx, modules designed to teach & enhance life skills are inspired by revolutionary experiential methodology to be successful in life. The idea is to introduce the concept of interactive learning to help the children inculcate it in their real life.

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In all the spheres of human life, one thing is common, that is communication. Where ever we are, or whenever we go, it stands there. It is the true essence of a society, which helps share one’s thoughts to another. Communication skill is one of the most important social skills that revolve around us where ever we go. Some are gifted with it from childhood, while some has to develop it afterwards.

Having a strong communicative skill is now a need, ShinxIndia aims to base your child with such skills so as to make him fulfill his social endeavors, and effectively attain heights in all spheres to life.

Critical thinking is the complex analysis of all the facts and figures that helps in forming a judgment or conclusion. The main aim is to look for rationality and the key to view it is by practical approach. At a tender age it requires proper shaping and building of a foundation, that later helps in decision making.

Therefore there is a need for a kid to know how to evaluate facts and details so as to reach at a rational judgment.

Emotional intelligence is the capacity to control and be able to express one’s emotions freely, to develop empathic attitude towards another. Children are born soft hearted, but there is a need to generate a caring and empathic attitude inside them. That is to monitor one’s emotions and be aware of other’s. It further deals with handling interpersonal relationships judiciously and develops an understanding about different emotions. Self- regulation and awareness is the key to gain such intelligence.

The base of human existence is dependent on society, Interpersonal skills means the social skills that helps in building competence regarding social interaction and communication. One with strong interpersonal skills are often more successful in both professional and personal life. Our personality and public image is directly related to how we interact to people and how we share our thoughts. Believe or not, interpersonal skills have a lot to do with childhood experience and generally it begins to shape since then.
Our goal is to build such skills in your child so that he never faces any difficulty in putting his views in front of people.

Children are not born knowing how to behave in social situations, they have to be taught. Dining Etiquettes are something that is taught to us from our childhood, popularly as “Table manners”. There can be no defense like elaborate courtesy. “Children should come to the table clean and in a merry mood; they should not rest their hands on their trenchers etc.” This is all historical approach, but does it work today?

ShinxIndia intends to mentor the little lads with practical and social approach and rather make them understand its importance.

Public appearance is a common task we all come across at least once in our lives. ShinxIndia trains its little masters in a way that they appear with the best version of themselves. A perfect body language is a key to sparkle the personality; our experts teach them with stage etiquettes including mike holding, body postures, voice modulation, greetings, addressing guests etc. such that they bloom like a flower and steal the show.

First impressions play a vital role in defining a person’s personality. What a strange power there is in clothing! ShinxIndia outlines your child with manners to carry their clothes and accessories in adorable ways that will be useful for his entire life. Dressing is one of the most important attribute which plays a part in creating person’s positive image, but that’s not enough, one should equally know how to carry themselves, along with walking style, posture etc.

Confidence is the key, the tool that stretches away the confined behavior, the accessory that makes you look beautiful and expressive.

Children are like clay, they mold themselves into the way we shape them. Self – awareness is important as putting a sight at this world, it has become a necessity. It provides an ability to look at life with honesty, and as it is said when one is well aware about self, he is confident, motivated and committed to every work he does.

The process of self-awareness starts from a very young age and it is the point where they start exploring and learning about themselves. As our children grow, parts of their self-awareness will unfold. We must nurture them to fulfill their biggest potential along the way.

We help in constructing the thinking skill that focuses on child’s ability to judge his own performance, acts and behavior accurately in several circumstances.

Financial literacy is the confluence of financial, credit and debt management and the knowledge that is necessary to make financially responsible decisions that has an integral role in our lives. It is the understanding that helps us in making informed financial decisions with all the financial resources we have. If taught in early age, it makes a child understand its importance and hence, eventually making him form effective decisions about spending and saving the money for better purposes.

Therefore, there is a need to let them know its value by their own eyes.

Agree or not, every day at one point or the other all of us come across a situation when we have to decide our actions. Decision making is one of the most basic tasks that almost every individual goes through, be it children or adults. There are certain times when we have to decide for our children, of course for their good. But can this go far? Because there will be time when they will grow and make decisions of their own! In order to make child form their own decisions and judgments, there is a need to let them know about the right and wrong.

We tend to teach them with how to make effective decisions of their own and hence learn by them.

After all, the most successful people tend to have the highest confidence in themselves, right? ShinxIndia’s innovative learning modules enable your child gets the best possible experience to master this mattering much quality.

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” We believe everyone can relate with this idea. We put special emphasis to master this one of the most important success skills. Hence come and help us helping your child to contribute something significant to the mankind.