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6 Important 21st Century Skills Every Student Must Know

6 Important 21st Century Skills Every Student Must Know

Does Success really matter to you? If yes then these 21st Century Skills will definitely be going to help you in getting few steps ahead. But before we dive into more depth lets see why we need these skills.

There is no denying that with time, humans have not only evolved in terms of their physical characteristics but also have constantly acquired newer skillsets to stay ahead in the game. Interestingly, the 21st century has witnessed it in the most prominent way possible, thanks to the population boom leading to the cut-throat competition and also to the major technological advancements. Thus, to stay relevant and competitive in this not-so-easy era we should definitely invest in the skills of tomorrow. They necessarily need not be about rocket-science or quantum physics rather it could be as simple as being polite to a stranger or being able to stay calm even in difficult situations. Today, the definition of talent has gotten a massive makeover and that’s why let’s look at a few of the 21st Century skills sets that might play an instrumental role tomorrow:

Most Important 21st Century Skills For Every Student

1. Balancing work and fun:

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. The proverb clearly emphasizes the profound positive impact that sports and other fun activities play in our seemingly busy lives. Taking regular breaks from our mundane tasks enhance our efficiency to a great extent. The breaks could include anything we like from outdoor activities like swimming, jogging or exercising to participating in indoor activities such as reading a book, playing board games like chess or even listening to our favorite podcast. These 21st Century Skills or activities may not directly help in getting our work done but they surely will rejuvenate your mind and body to do it with a higher enthusiasm and zeal. Lastly, being able to complete your work in time and still being able to find time to do what you enjoy is a 21st Century skills in itself.

2. Building a pleasing personality:

It is obvious that people won’t enjoy your company if you are rude to them or impolite while having a conversation. The first and foremost quality to be in their good books is to be kind and well-mannered. Once you have inculcated them, to further strengthen your personality, you should always wear clean and well-tailored clothes and stay well-groomed. These trivial tips may not look important but they are as critical as any other 21st Century skills. Carrying a pleasing personality is a battle half won when it comes to expanding your network.

3. Communication and Languages:

Probably one of the most attractive 21st Century skills one can possess is an awesome communication skill coupled with a good command in more than one language. When we speak to somebody especially a stranger then the most effective way is to communicate in a language that they can understand. Because Hindi and English are accepted nationally and internationally respectively, we should not restrict ourselves to just these two and make efforts to learn other languages too. Learning new languages can be really useful especially when you are traveling to locations where they use their local language for communication. Additionally, there is nothing more attractive than an affluent speaker. These skills make you a magnetic person instantly.

4. Use of technology and the internet:

It won’t be wrong to quote that in the 21st century, people are so dependent on technology that virtually they are being driven by it. The dominance of technology in our lives can be witnessed in a myriad of domains including shopping, transport, communication, food, learning, payments and medical sciences to name a few. It is evidently clear that how deep technology and internet have been inculcated in our daily lives and that’s why we should embrace this change with an open mind. Undoubtedly, the use of technology from here is just going to increase and not being able to develop a 21st Century skills on how to adapt quickly and use it wisely will definitely put us in a backseat.

5. Time management:

The significance of this 21st Century skills has been there since the inception of mankind. We can practically never measure how critical and rewarding the skill of time management plays in one’s life. The castle of success definitely lies on the pillars of time management as it is all about how well and efficiently we utilize our valuable time.

6. Yoga, meditation and mindfulness:

Even though we are well aware of the potential of mindfulness and meditation in our lives, we fail to practice it in our daily routines. These skills not only help us to relax our mind, body and soul but also they help us to introspect within ourselves. This further aids us to be a better, happier and a more confident person altogether. As humans, we all have insecurities, challenges and negative vibes to deal with and it is next to impossible to achieve equanimity without these crucial 21st Century skills.

At Last...

At the end of the day, it is us who need to put in efforts to bring about change in our lives in a positive way. Nobody can hand over a magic formula on how to lead a happy and successful life until we ourselves make the effort and wake up. The 21st century is a beautiful time to be then why not make the best out of it by taking up these aforementioned 21st Century skills and become the cat in this rat race.

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