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Benefits of Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test

The term DMIT also known as Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test is basically a scientific theory associated with the fingerprint patterns and brain lobes. It is based on Neuroscience and Multiple Intelligence Theory. This helps in understanding the exclusive inborn potential and personality of a child. This is a complete brain analysis that is uniquely adaptive, impulsive and responsive based on the child's needs and skillsets. DMIT test for children should be from 3 to 10 years ideally and the education must be holistic and really should facilitate the guidance based on their learning style. But there is also DMIT test for students of age group 11 to 17 years, test for Career Guidance for age group 16 years and above, test for Adults of age 25 years and above, test for Employees, Teachers, etc. as everyone needs to know what’s best for them.

There is a demand for DMIT test and it’s really good to know that people are looking forward and taking efforts towards their careers. Each day we see a greater number of DMIT tests being done. Until a few years back, only IQ Test was a measuring tool for evaluating and knowing one’s intelligence but with time and technology, science has given us a new measuring tool that is helping us server better. People are investing their time and money to make their future exceptional.

The ideal education for any child should always involve equivalent participation of both the section of the brain i.e. the right and the left. DMIT test influences on creativity and analytically thinking from all the parts of both the left and right side of the brain because each has a different function to do. The DMIT test provides a scientifically proved assessment program for each kid that will take into consideration every child’s unique potential. Also, the reports are based on the best learning style for your child and provide the right Parenting Tips that should be taken care of right from their childhood to develop specific core expertise. It helps you to know your child’s strengths and weaknesses. Based on your child’s innate potential you could plan activities.

Benefits of DMIT

DMIT has plenty of benefits to offer and very few people are aware of this. Below mentioned are some of the benefits that will definitely help you. So, scroll down to have an idea about the benefits of DMIT.

·         DMIT helps you understand the different areas of your brain that are over and underemphasized.

·         It helps you understand your child’s innate personality that will be profitable in the future. Often parents do not know their child’s inborn characteristics like curiosity, aggression, rebellious, persistent, etc. It is important to understand and develop an effective way to interact with your child according to their communication style.

·         The test helps you identify your child’s strengths and weaknesses. You could help them get better with their weaknesses to excel in the future.

·         Know your child’s inborn learning style and how he takes in the knowledge he/she is provided with. For example, a kinesthetic learner will learn through operation and hand-in movements and express their feeling through body language whereas a visual learner learns through observation and reading and is sharp in observing things and visually remembering them. On the other hand, an auditory learner learns best through auditory senses or oral practice. They can remember oral information better.

·         Know different personality traits through the DMIT test.

·         You can know your child’s different parts of the brain and how well do they function.

·         This test is meant for people of all ages and gender. You can take the test at any point in time in your life. Children with special needs such as Down syndrome, Autism, Hyperactive are benefitted a lot from the test.

·         Helpful for making decisions in the future and reveals the hidden talents of your child, build their confidence and give them a clear vision about their goals because every child is unique and possesses different inborn talents. It helps the parent and gives them insights into their child and to groom them effectively.

·         In the case of adults, where it is difficult sometimes to maintain your relationship or carry on with your life partner, the DMIT test helps to understand the person better and gives you a clear vision so that you do not have to face a tough time.

·         It even gives you the opportunity to customize your child’s learning style and make them learn the other learning styles if he/she is not able to apply them at all.

Why should you choose ShinxIndia to get your DMIT test?

We at ShinxIndia are an experienced team of professionals from different fields who have come together for a cause to add value by making realistic and productive use of Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT). We care for your children and their future and want the best for them. Through the DMIT test, it's easy and better. Team ShinxIndia ascends high to achieve its goals by applying the strategies and methods for the benefits of human mankind. Team ShinxIndia has already touched the hearts of lakhs of people by providing its services in various sectors.

DMIT Reports at ShinxIndia

The DMIT software generates the report with an attractive and understandable presentation in a detailed way based on each child’s test. The report is our most recommended and demanding and with time more people are looking forward to having them.

In academic areas, our DMIT modules help children to enhance their own inborn talents and set a goal for them as well as prepare for an improved learning experience. At ShinxIndia, we have several courses running that have enhanced the student’s natural responsiveness. Each child has an immense learning opportunity with the help of DMIT at ShinxIndia.

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