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Excellent Tips to Increase a Child's Concentration

Children find it difficult to focus on more than one task given to then and that’s quite normal due to their interest, eagerness and different energy. They get distracted very easily and we cannot expect them to focus on one thing completely. But, having said that, concentration is essential for a child for many reasons and a child, therefore, should learn to concentrate on different things. It is possible to help a child focus on tasks and increase concentration for his/her life. In the case of grown-ups, one can usually increase their focusing skills through exercises, however, in terms of children, some different strategies are required.

Your child needs to learn a set of rules and habits that would make his/her life smooth and it would be easy to focus and be less restless while doing some work. Following rules and being disciplined is a part of positive parenting. Your child needs positive parenting and he/she should be helped to focus more on important tasks to help him/her in choosing the right career path. These are all positive parenting tips that a parent needs to follow for his/her child’s success. Before heading towards the effective ways to improve concentration one should know that children are filled with curiosity and unmatchable energy and they are different from the adults and are new to the environment. Below are a few effective ways by which you 

Dividing a Task

It is usually said that we should divide a lot of work into small pieces of work to make it easy and fun. A big task requires too much concentration and discipline. A better idea is to divide it into smaller tasks. Doing small projects which ultimately serve to the completion of major projects is of less burden and also gives a feeling of progress making it easier to focus on every detail. A big task will always require much time, dedication and focus of a person, and it also might be asserting and stunning and can even awaken hesitation to tackle. On the other hand, a small task is easier to do and has less resistance. This could be applied to homework, housework and learning new skills and nurturing new talents.

Keeping a Distraction-Free environment

Unless children are engaged in something they love to do, they might find it difficult to scan out distractions. Some children respond well in an environment that is soothing and calming but others may blossom in an environment that has a lot of hustle involved. Therefore, it is important to keep an environment where they can learn new things, study with all concentration and carry out tasks, as distraction-free as possible. Understanding the kind of environment your child prefers to study is the prior step to increase his/her concentration level. The ambiance of a place plays a crucial role in a distraction-free environment. Either it is no sound or there is a soft instrumental and light music playing in the background helps to set the mood for studying. Gadgets like television, mobile phones, laptops, etc. need to be switched off or kept aside to avoid distractions. Also, try to keep all the required things at hand of your child so that he/she doesn’t need to get up as this causes a lot of disturbance and distractions.

Proper diet

Try feeding green and healthy food to your children as this is directly linked to how well a child concentrates and every food in its way can help to enhance and increase the concentration power. Eating a lot of junk food or food that is rich in sugar and fats makes a child lethargic, hence losing all the concentration levels. On the other hand, food rich in proteins such as eggs, fish, chicken, lean meat, lentils, almonds, peanuts, pulses have the ability to raise awareness and make your body active hence increasing the concentration levels. Avoid taking drinks that have caffeine. Caffeine intake makes you stay awake hence disturbing your routine. Also, aerated drinks have artificial sugar which leads to a crash of energy later and children may feel lazy during the day time. Therefore, it is an unhealthy dose.

Fixing a routine

Maintaining a schedule for everything you do has always been proved to be successful. This not only helps in time management but also helps to map your child program thus knowing when he/she has to study. This helps in enhancing the concentration as everything is planned and the child knows its what hour of the day, he/she has to do what stuff. This would help in making him/her disciplined as well.

Sleep is must

According to the researches, most children are able to concentrate best after a good night's sleep. This is directly linked to focusing and increasing concentration as our mind needs to rest in order to function properly. You may also like to take a power nap of around half an hour after school to help you freshen your mind thus increasing your focusing power.

Understanding your child’s learning style

This is an important part of positive parenting as being a parent you need to understand how your child learns different things. Some children process information through touch some through seeing, and the other through hearing. These are the three major learning styles namely Kinesthetic, Visual, and Auditory. It's important to understand which category your child falls into so that he/she could be given proper guidance.

Engage them in Physical activities

Physical activities are a good way to increase the concentration power of your mind. Physical activities like running, some sports given between the study hours of in the schedule would supply as a tool to vent out extra energy. This would help the child be active, less restless and would offset boredom and make it easier to focus.


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At ShinxIndia, we think that like any other skill, concentration can be improved and made automatic. The basic trick is to be consistent in what you do. The above-mentioned tricks are a sure shot solution to not only improve the concentration power of your child but also strengthen your relationship with your child as these all are a part of positive parenting.

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