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Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test

Dermatoglyphics multiple intelligence test, in introductory juncture, is a key to the ways to intuit your personality, your talents, and your forte. It is a scientific test which brings to our knowledge, the nature of one's potential and abilities. Radically, dermatoglyphics multiple intelligence test is a research based study of fingerprint impressions. It studies the fingerprint patterns of the individual meticulously, to analyze the nine multiple intelligences of a person. It is historically said that a person carries minimum nine intelligences and they decide the inborn skills of the person. And this miraculous study happens because of dermatoglyphics. Dermatoglyphics inherently is, to probe the fingerprint patterns. Undeniably, fingerprints are unique in nature which are not just impressions but also, they manifest according to genetic configuration.

Fingerprint patterns fetch a close relation with brain. How? Well, studies and researches evidently state that fingerprints are those unique impressions which are very closely related to brain. The ridges on the fingerprints also determine the brain lobes of human body. Also believed and accepted that presence of fingerprints is presence of brain cells in human anatomy. There had been cases, where absence of brain in a baby is directly associated with absence of fingerprints.

Through DMIT, these fingerprints are examined in order to study the brain lobes, further these lobes reveal the intelligences and talents of a person. Unlike palmistry, it technically studies the fingerprints to reach the lobes rather than just physically gazing at palms and predicting things. Also it does not change with age, it remains constant. This idea of dermatoglyphics is centuries old. But this idea has been very aptly adopted by the technology, hence giving such proficient innovation as a boon to the generations ahead.

And this phenomenal scrutinization after aiding the most developed countries like USA, Sweden, Japan & Taiwan, made its way to India 4 years back. And outspread it roots especially in child development domain. Because the most beneficial outlook of DMIT is that it delineates the inborn skills and talents a person posses. Evidently, if a child’s talents and skills have been predetermined, it helps in better realization and employment of those skills. This technology has been supremely approached by the keepers of tender age kids, teachers or schools and colleges. Because it’s better to pre realize and efficiently energize. It not only lets kids enhance their skills but also better assists them in opting their career and fields accordingly, which eventually saves time as well as resources of upcoming generations. Such organized approach towards a kid’s lifestyle, definitely benefits in a lot ways.

This is a highly recommendable test with accuracy rate of more than 90% which has been probed over more than 3 lakh individuals. Just get this test done for once & come across it’s conveniences shortly. DMIT has been ratified and accepted by the medical science and scientists as well.

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