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8 months ago

6 Best Exam tips for Kinesthetic learners | ShinxIndia

As we promised to provide you useful learning tools and techniques for exam time, we have come across with some of the powerful tips for kinesthetic learners.

Kinesthetic learners prefer to learn a concept by practically doing it as their own. Their excellent physical memory helps...

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8 months ago

Best Exam Tips for Visual Learner | ShinxIndia

Hope you went through our first post for “auditory learning
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8 months ago

10 Mind-blowing Exam Tips for Auditory learner | ShinxIndia


ShinxIndia has started a series on the best possible tips for different learning style of your child.

Let's not wait anymore and start with Tips for auditory Learning style:

1. Try to study in quiet places to avoid distractions, avoid places with conversation, music, and television.


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9 months ago

Important Aspect of Soft Skills : Table Manners

One of the students in ShinxIndia says, “What a hilarious session it was!!!”

It was a practical dining Etiquettes session provided to our students

where we gave a detailed handholding exposure on one of the very

The important aspect of soft skills: Table Manners”.

We covered all the possible aspects of dining in an...

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1 year ago

Need of Life Skills

Life skills today, is that vital fraction of a child's development, which can not be segregated from his fruitful upbringing. Life skills substantially add up as the most essential nutrients for a child to acquire. It...

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