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Boost up series
2 weeks ago

The "Boost up Series" Summer Workshop Organize by Shinxindia

"The Boost Up Series" Summer Workshop organized by ShinxIndia, Are you parents looking for a summer camp in painting, dancing,  and craft making?

Trust us the “Summer boost-up series” by ShinxIndia is going to be entirely different from that as we believe in making your child “future-fit”.

As responsible parents Now your...

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1 month ago

Why learning dressing etiquette is important for the student?

Etiquette is a fancy word for simple kindness. It is the set of protocols that one must follow

as manners or polite behavior in a particular society. They say, “Good manners will open the

door that best education cannot.”

Have you ever shown up at an occasion and realized you haven’t dressed properly?...

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1 month ago

Mnemonics - Learning about Learning!

Ever wondered why you can learn certain things for life long but certain things you can’t?  It’s all because of the temporary and permanent memories. Some things are permanent in your memory because of studying. And some things can be made permanent. Children are more curious about learning new things...

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2 months ago

Is Mind Development is an essential aspect of Education?

Our child’s mind decides the future structure of our country. As an academic system it is our responsibility to give a child an adequate environment which helps him to make his/her mind development process more wholesome.

There is a serious need of transformation from a...

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3 months ago

6 Best Exam tips for Kinesthetic learners | ShinxIndia

As we promised to provide you useful learning tools and techniques for exam time, we have come across with some of the powerful tips for kinesthetic learners.

Kinesthetic learners prefer to learn a concept by practically doing it as their own. Their excellent physical memory helps...

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