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Let’s look back at the human development in last 150 years. Our way of communication changed, even ways of recreation changed. What didn’t change is our education system. It’s time we answer the need.

Our Mission

ShinX India came into existence to answer the growing need for an adaptive approach in educating children....Read More
ShinX India works on a vision to completely change the current educational system and approaches and to mentor the children thoroughly....Read More
“If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they should learn.”...Read More



We have 2 different programs:

The Chanakya program(6 months)

Under this program, our experts create a customized learning toolbox for your child which contributes significantly to the areas your child needs special attention on. It gives your child hand holding which gives him a structured direction and makes him better in terms of both behavioural and intellectual level.

The kalam program (12 months)

This unique powerful program makes the child ready to fight with all future challenges in a flawless manner and makes him a “Better Indian”. This program guarantees real success and the true way to be a happy and progressive individual by it’s revolutionized way of all-round capability enhancement experience.

We have 2 flagship programs with the duration of 6 months and 12 months.
The purpose of ShinxIndia programs are to provide a wholistic growth plan for the child by covering dimensions like:
  • Talent Nurturing
  • Mind Capability Enhancement
  • Life Skills
  • Soft Skills
  • Positive Parenting

Our mainstream academic system in schools only takes care of the knowledge-based approach in terms of learning. However to be at par with the upcoming socio-economic disruptions in coming 10 years we need to have a wholistic approach of learning from the tender age. According to education experts and policymakers, the ability to communicate, think on feet, take action will define the chances of success of a particular student in the coming future. It is the most precious gift we can offer to our children to be their proud parents and help them in their journey of becoming “Better Indians” through an all-round development plan.

The recommended age group for these programs are 4-15 years


Your child should know to recite and write numbers from 1 to 10. They should have started writing letters of the Alphabet. They should be able to copy simple words from the teacher’s writing. Of course we will assist them in the process.


Your child should be able to understand and respond to simple sentences and communication that we use in our day to day life like, “what is your name?”, “what did you have for breakfast?”, “what is your father’s name, mother’s name?” etc.

The core values of our organization focus on teaching the way the child wants to learn hence we religiously follow a very low student-teacher ratio of 15:1. We encourage very frequent feedback from the parents and we have a strong culture of converting the feedback into feed forwards in lightening speed. We also provide special sessions with better attention and smaller group to students to motivate students to learn a particular concept in case of need.

All the modules are centred around an approach to fun and interactive experience. We always keep children’s enjoyment in the top most priority. Because we all know enjoyment leads to greater interest level and ultimately makes the child love with learning. The kids really love the sessions and they make sure that they are not missing any sessions just because of the true fun they have in ShinxIndia sessions.

Are you really committed as a parent to make a difference for your child’s growth?” If you believe in an idea of creating a “Better India” through a new approach of your child’s growth than Team ShinxIndia warmly welcomes you to help us creating a “Better India". It will be a collective responsibility for us to work towards your children's development which leads to the path of success.




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